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Welcome to scheidel21

If you would like an account at my site please contact me by the contact form. I got tired of deleting spam accounts.
So what happens when you delete almost all the files on your web host?

You end up scrambling to get things backup because like a fool you didn't backup your files on the host. You may notice some broken links and missing images. I am working on getting everything back to normal. I likely lost the gallery screenshots forever though. But I shall try to recreate them as time goes on.

I found this real time map of site visitors interesting so I wanted to share it with you.

I'm back, for now

Well, I was laid off two weeks ago, so I'm back and will try to be more active, at least for a while. But wouldn't you know it, one of the first things I do is try to update my analytics and it gets hosed. When I try to update PHP fusion I hope that doesn't get hosed too.

What do you do for a work around when your P-T-P wireless link fails?

So I wake up late one Monday morning and think "what a wonderful day this is starting off to be". I check my work email and nothing is really going on, then I hop in the shower, and when I get out I find the day has taken a turn for the worse.

The location I am based out of has 3 buildings ....

Site activity

I'm sorry I haven't been diligent in keeping the site up to date, I promise I'm going to try harder from here out :-)

Remote Reboot

So when you are hours or more away from a site and the server you just tried to restart hangs on the shutdown what do you do?

Zombies II - Spiceworks

A few posts down you'll note Zombie Apocolypse a Video produces by Spiceworks a software company that makes the excellent Spiceworks software that is used to maange Inventory, provides a helpdesk and helps manage a computer network. They also have a Community of IT professionals that bar nine has some of the most knowledgable in the IT industry. They have their user conference every year and continuing on last year's Opening presentation they have created a second video called Zombies II. While a little corny I know I, and the rest of the community that use Spiceworks or are part of the online community appreciate their efforts to help keep things a little light hearted. Anyways below you'll find this latest video, be sure to check out their Youtube channel as their is lots of goodness to be had, from information abotu the app, to some general IT know how, and even soem more light hearted IT humor.

Another XKCD comic I like, I really do feel like a kindrid spirit in these situations
I found this interesting, so might you.
And I thought the alternative was disturbing
Zombie Apocolypse?
I use Spiceworks and am an active member of their community, much like the mainstream many of us in the IT field are quite interested in the Zombie phenomenon. The idea for a Spizeworks Zombie movie was floated around the community some time ago and the peopel at Spiceworks know how to play as hard as they work, so at Spiceworld this year the short was unveiled. Without further ado I present to you, for your approval the Spiceworks Zombie movie. If you like it, or are looking for some high quality low cost network management, inventory, and helpdesk software check them out.

A more common sense approach for passwords
xkcd password comic
I'm all for this, it would make life much easier.

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